"As an owner managed boutique, Everlast Diamond takes pride in each piece of custom-designed jewellery – it is made with the highest standards and utmost attention to detail."

What does our passion and pride mean for you?

Intricate designs. Superior craftsmanship. Competitive Prices. Highest-quality raw material.


Why we don’t carry inventory?

Vast selection of high-quality certified diamonds.  No pressure to buy existing inventory. Each diamond ordered will be based on your specifics. No added overhead costs.


Why choose Everlast?

Exceptional Value for Money. Uncompromising Quality.  Exquisite Designs.

The friendly and no-pressure environment combined with our knowledge and experience will make your time with us fun and effortless.

Step 1: Diamond Selection & Design

Initial consultation via email, telephone or skype to understand your requirements and ideas.


When we find diamond(s) that fit your criteria, it will be brought into the studio for you to see.


Once the diamond has been selected, we will work together to create your custom design.  We work in white gold, rose gold, gold or platinum for the setting.


We believe honesty and transparency are vital to any jewellery purchase, you will be provided with costs upfront and involved throughout the design process.

Step 2:  Prototype

All our work is tailored to meet your specific requirements; we use the latest in CAD technology to design your jewellery.


At Everlast, all our diamonds are set by hand into gold or platinum under 50X magnification, which ensures the structural safety of the jewellery and that each detail is made to perfection.


Accompanied with our use of CAD technology, this method is more precise and technologically advanced than the traditional hand carving wax process, which sets the diamond directly into the wax and with wear and tear has a higher chance of the diamond falling out.

Step 3: Final Product

Once the design is to your liking, your custom piece will be crafted by our qualified jewelry craftsman, who has many decades of experience with some of the industry’s top retailers.

An independent appraisal of your jewellery will be provided with your final product.